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I thought I post you some of my kick ass one-shot fanfiction.... Ia'd… - I HEART FRAN! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 26th, 2005|10:06 pm]


I thought I post you some of my kick ass one-shot fanfiction.... Ia'd love it if yall posted yoru own fanfiction up here too!

Blaise Zabini sat in the library trying to do his homework, but it was rather difficult with a pair of eyes on him. He looked up fro his paper and there she was watching him from behind a bookshelf. He groaned and did a face plant into his potions book.

"She's never going to go away unless you tell her to," Draco stated not even looking up from his own paper. He knew exactly what caused the surrender of studying. This had been going on for weeks, months maybe.

"I can't be an ass, I'm not like you," Blaise grumbled to Draco as he sat up in his book and stared at Draco with stubborn eyes. Draco didn't even flinch.

"Don't lie, you love my ass," Draco shot back, eyes still on his paper, "now go talk to her so can I study in peace." Blaise just glared fire at Draco, but nothing changed. This is how they always were. The usual bickering that never ceased.

"Yes your right I suppose," Blaise smirked, "I do love your ass. It's so beautiful, nice and round, a tad plump too."

"Zabini..." Draco warned finally setting down the book, a bit of fire in his silver eyes.

"Makes me just want to bite it," Blaise licked his lips seductively, "I've always wondered what ferret tastes like."

Suddenly Draco made a move to tackle Blaise. Blaise laughed knowing he his the Prince of Slytherin's final nerve though stopped as his chair fell backwards, Draco wrestling him to the ground. There was struggling, kicking, the works, and an upset Madam Pomfrey yelling.

"Go talk to her you over zealous man-slut," Draco growled. He had Blaise pinned down, their faces close together and both looking murderous.

"Fine, but we are finishing this later," Blaise hissed and then an impish smirk crossed his face. He lightly kissed Draco, short and sweet. Immediate the blonde boy started to squirm and tried to spit away the kiss. Blaise just laughed and got up off of Draco. "You're such a twitchy little ferret."

Draco just glared ice.

Laughing Blaise left towards the bookshelves, yet two over from the one she was still watching from. He walked around and up behind her, biting his lip with a smile. He tapped her on the shoulder and with that Luna Lovegood turned around with her owl eyes wide with surprise.

"I've seen you watching me," Blaise stated.

"I know," she stated back just as firmly. She didn't giggle at the fact or try and deny it. It made him raise a subtle eyebrow.

"Why?" Blaise crossed his arms and leaned against the bookshelf. He smirked. He expected some round about answer, something about a crush, or wanting to borrow notes. For a moment his eyes fluttered past Lovegood's and noticed Draco pretending not to watch over his potions book and gave Draco a wink. Draco just rolled his eyes and really did start reading his potions homework to make Blaise bring his eyes back to Luna's.

"I love you," she stated once again with her firm stance.

Blaise's smirked suddenly faded and a flutter of panic crossed his face. Love? She loved him? No one, no one ever loved him.

"Wh-what?" he stuttered. Blaise never stuttered. Especially around girls.

"I love you," she repeated. "I don't care if you love me too, its just how I feel."

All he could do was stare into her bright blue eyes. His stomach was tying in knots. He was shaking a bit. He didn't know what was happening. People randomly don't just confess their love out of nowhere. Apparently Lovegood did though.

"I-I never thought about you like that," Blaise whispered, wetting his lips, almost feeling embarrassed for it. She smiled.

"No one does. I'm Loony Lovegood, some one to make fun of, not love."

"Don't say that," Blaise muttered without hesitation.

"What?" she was finally caught off guard. Her voice was a little squeak with surprise and if it was possible her eyes grew wider. It made something warm grow inside of him.

"You're not loony, you're lovely. And how dare you say someone could not love you?" he attacked her defensively. She was in a bit of shock, but was still able to ask,

"Do you love me?"

Blaise looked down at her, her soft blue eyes and long blonde hair. He had never loved anyone before. He slept with many girls, but never loved any. And yet none of them had ever made him stutter before either.

"No," he whispered, "but I'm falling."

She downtrodden face turned to a soft smile as he gave her hope. She stood up on her tippy toes and gave him a peck of a kiss on the lips.

Draco was watching again, having forgotten all about Potions. There was something about the way Blaise was talking to Lovegood, her giving him a little kiss that did not lead to eating-of-face against the bookshelf, that made Draco wonder what was going on.

He watched Lovegood cross the library, a small blush across her cheeks and a giggling smile on her lips. He turned to Blaise striding back over to the table, a slick smile on his face.

"What happened?" Draco asked like a gossiping girl.

"I asked her to Hogsmeade with me," Blaise grinned.

"You what?" Draco was in shock. He thought Zabini was going to go over to tell the girl to go away, not ask her out.

"Jealous Princess?" Blaise grinned wider, the side of his lips curling upward.

"No." Draco stated flatly.

"Good because you're coming along- someone has to keep Ginny Weasley company," Blaise noted with an impish smile before returning to his school work.

Draco opened his mouth to say something, to protest, but nothing came out. He glared at Blaise and returned to his work without a word.

[User Picture]From: apopo3512
2005-08-27 06:59 pm (UTC)
Fran, I tell you this all the time but I'll say it again.

Your life = owns mine.

End of Demo.
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